Deaconess Certificate

Deaconess Certificate

The purpose of this certificate program is to provide training for those women who are not able to pursue the MA in Deaconess Studies at Cranmer Theological House. This program is designed to equip the deaconess to serve in the local parish. It includes twelve (12) courses and (1) practicum in Bible, History/Theology, and Ministry.


Historical and Theological:
Anglicanism - (3 hours)
Church and Sacraments - (4 hours)
Survey of Church History - (4 hours)
Introduction to Moral Theology and Ethics - (3 hours)

Biblical Theology I - (3 hours)
Biblical Theology II - (3 hours)
Biblical Womanhood - (3 hours)

Cure of Souls – (3 hours)
Spirituality – (3 hours)
Marriage and Family – (3 hours)
Evangelism and Missions – (3 hours)
Office and Work of a Deaconess – (3 hours)
Altar Guild Practicum (1 hour)

Total Hours - 39

Fast Facts

Master of Theology (Th.M.)
39 Credit Hours
  • Equips Deaconesses for Local Parishes
  • Courses in Bible, History, Theology, & Ministry
  • 1-2 Years
"What I learned from Cranmer Theological House has been completely invaluable for my parish ministry. From counseling to preaching, my education set me up for success."
John Doe
Th.M. Graduate, 2018