CTH Student Life

CTH Life

Worship/Spiritual Formation: Worship and spiritual formation are high priorities at CTH. Students and faculty value a worshipful and reverent atmosphere. While excellent academic performance is expected, CTH does not believe its students are successful unless they also exhibit spiritual growth. CTH’s goal is to produce students who are fervent worshipers, adept worship leaders, and articulate teachers of the importance of worship and spiritual formation. The seminary’s highest priority is to establish every student as a growing disciple of Christ. Every opportunity is taken to foster a life of worship. The Book of Common Prayer is the core of CTH’s Biblical worship of God.

Employment: Students are encouraged to seek outside employment if necessary to meet their personal and family financial needs. However, the scheduling of classes and other school activities cannot be contingent on individual work schedules. Also, matters and agreements relating to outside employment are made between the student and his employer and do not directly involve the seminary.

Facilities: The Dallas Campus meets at the Anglican Pro Cathedral, Church of the Holy Communion. The Houston Campus meets at the Cathedral of St. Matthias in Katyand at other Anglican parishes around the greater Houston metropolitan area as needed.

Library Privileges: In Dallas, CTH students have access to the excellent library on the campus of Dallas Theological Seminary (DTS), as do the CTH students in Houston atDTS’s Houston campus. In Houston, CTH students have access to several excellent theological collections, including the Doherty Library of St. Thomas University and the Cardinal Beran Library of St. Mary’s Seminary. Also in Houston is the Lanier Theological Library, a Christian research library on a 30-acre campus that includes a replica of a 5th century chapel.

CTH in Context

City of Dallas, Texas: Located in north central Texas, the city of Dallas, along with its next-door neighbor, Fort Worth, makes up the fourth largest metropolitan area in the USA. While many know Dallas either from several TV shows filmed there (J.R. Ewing’s Dallasand Walker, Texas Ranger to name just two) or from the 1963 assassination of President John F. Kennedy, today Dallas is a well-known visitor and leisure destination, with world-class accommodations, restaurants, and recreational opportunities, continuing to build on the entrepreneurial spirit and flair for style and innovation, which have been hallmarks of Dallas and her residents from the very beginning. Like Houston, the communities that surround Dallas provide that feeling of a small, close-knit town or community making them well-suited for family life.

City of Houston, Texas: Near the coast of the Gulf of Mexico, and within an hour’s drive of the beach resort town of Galveston, Texas, the city of Houston offers all the amenities of life in the Southwest United States with a metropolitan flare. With a population of over 6,000,000 including the surrounding suburbs, Houston is the fourth largest city and the fifth largest metropolitan area in the USA. As such it offers the finest shopping, recreation, and historical sites, along with a wide range of activities for the entire family. Yet each neighborhood and subdivision still maintains the friendliness and feeling of a small, close-knit town or community. The area is well-suited for family life.