Course Descriptions by Department

External Studies

Several of CTH’s courses are available to be completed externally from the seminary. For more information, visit the External Studies page.

Directed Study

Students may from time to time be required to fulfill part of their normal course requirements by means of directed study, especially in the case of scheduling difficulties. In such instances, a request is made to the appropriate instructor and approved by the Seminary Dean. No directed study may commence prior to such approval. Directed study elective credits are also available to students who wish to pursue in-depth studies of certain topics, but these must first be approved by the Seminary Dean.

Language Study

Courses in the Biblical languages of Hebrew and Greek are offered throughout the academic year at CTH’s Dallas campus and at Dallas Theological Seminary in Dallas and Houston. Master of Arts in Religion students are not required to take a language course but may if they wish. Master of Divinity students are required to take both Greek and Hebrew, but the courses are offered in separate years. The language courses meet separately from the regularly scheduled time as determined by the schedule of the students and instructor. CTH does not offer Biblical language classes via external study.