Certificate in Anglican Studies (C.A.S.)

Certificate in Anglican Studies

The Certificate in Anglican Studies may be completed in one year (two years if necessary). All students must complete the seminary’s application process and be accepted as a CTH student. Those students who complete this Certificate without a prior M.Div. and who later complete the M.Div. will not be allowed to use their Certificate coursework retroactively to upgrade to a Th.M degree. To obtain the Th.M., students must apply for the Thesis Option.

Required Courses

In total, six courses are required. The following four courses are mandatory:

Anglicanism, Doctrine of God and Christ, Thirty-Nine Articles, Liturgics

The student may choose two of the following courses:

Spirituality, Patristic Church History, Doctrine of Church/Sacraments, Doctrine of Man/Sin/Salvation

Fast Facts

Certificate in Anglican Studies (C.A.S.)
18 Credit Hours
  • 4-Year Degree Not Required
  • Available Fully Online
  • Transfer Credit into M.Div. Program
"What I learned from Cranmer Theological House has been completely invaluable for my parish ministry. From counseling to preaching, my education set me up for success."
John Doe
Th.M. Graduate, 2018